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Drunk Disney: The Emperor’s New Groove is out and it features our first lady guest, Richelle Meiss! How do we joke about a movie that already jokes about itself? Lots of llama sex jokes.

Hey look! Another Drunk Disney! We drink every time Kronk is Kronk, which, I know, is a tautology, and you’re gonna get drunk drinking to a tautology, but it’s our series and we’ll do what we want.

FRIENDS! DISNEY FANS! COUNTRYMEN! LEND ME like ten minutes of your time for a new Drunk Disney episode…

The Emperor’s New Groove is a fantastic, oft-overlooked movie. We watched it for a movie night my freshman year at university, so it definitely holds up well. And with alcohol, it can be even more amusing!

Enjoy! And don’t forget to vote for the next movie!


(If Kronk was having a bad day and tried to dance would he be a cranky crumping Kronk?)

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during a quidditch game the Ravenclaw announcer narrates “and the seeker’s taking a dive, he’s turning down, can he-” before a muggleborn darts in and yells “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT” into the mic and every muggleborn in the entire arena loses their minds

"oh an excellent-" another muggleborn grabs the mic and yells "SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOT SHOT SHOTS! EVERYBODY!!" and there is no hope of recovering the crowd of dancing muggleborns after that

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